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Managing Change in Crisis: A guide to Change Management in Difficult Times
September 17, 2017|Livestyle

Managing Change in Crisis: A guide to Change Management in Difficult Times

Very frequently people ask me: How to cope with change?
Most people and institutions struggle with Change Management. Those who do it efficiently, flourish. Those who do not, perish. So, let’s understand what is change, how can we embrace and use it to our advantage.

Research in medical sciences suggest that 50 billion cells of various kinds die every day in an adult and equal number of new cells replace them. So, while I’m talking millions of cells are dying and taking birth in our body. That way we are changing involuntarily every second.

Everything around us is changing, though some are noticeable and others are not.

People love change as long as it fits the positive frame of their conditioned mind.

Change is the prime function of the universe. We take birth, we grow up, we die. The same happens with every living and non-living thing. A car is new, it is used, gets old, stops functioning and discarded. What’s come into existence will lose its identity some day.

I get to hear that people resist change. I have a contrary viewpoint. People love change as long as it fits the positive frame of their conditioned mind. Every loves travelling, what’s that? It’s change. You’re promoted at work. What’s that? It’s change. If you are an entrepreneur, your start up attracts an investor, what’s that. It’s a change too. All these prove that we love change, as long as it happens as we like.

So, the issue is not with change, but with how we like it.

So, if we are experiencing change that is going to shape our life, first, let’s accept it as a natural process. It takes place even if we resist, which causes stress and makes our life painful. So, the first step to embrace change is acceptance.

Secondly, ask your self what role you have in change management? If you can influence it, initiate an action.

If you have no influence, then find out who can influence. If you get somebody, seek help. If you have viral fever or dengue, what do you do? Meet a doctor. It could be a coach, doctor, boss, insurance agent, your spouse or parent.

There are also things, which are beyond human control. In such a case, get yourself ready. Like death. Instead of thinking how the EMI will be paid in your absence, buy an insurance policy. What will happen after I lose job? Equip yourself with new skills.

So, the points I want to highlight are:

1. Change is not a bad thing, on many occasions we love it.
2. The first step to change management is to accept it
3. Change that we resist, and if it is in our control, we must initiate an action to influence result
4. If we cannot, but someone else can influence it, seek their help
5. If it’s beyond human control, prepare yourself for the transition.

Hope this insight will bring some change into your life. If you have liked it, please share.

See you again.

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