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Pain or Pleasure? It’s All the Same
January 27, 2017|LivestylePeople

Pain or Pleasure? It’s All the Same

Pain or Pleasure? It’s All the Same

We all want good times to go on forever and even a thought of painful days leaves us paranoid. When you watch closely, you’d realise that the source of both pleasure and pain is no different. Same object which brings cheers at one point brings tears at another. Let’s look at the following scenario:

1. You bought a new car of your dream which makes you the happiest woman in the world, next day the car was hit by a truck and you had a narrow escape. Your car is in shambles and you are losing mind in the hospital bed about the insurance claims.
2. You have a beautiful, adorable daughter who you each day derive happiness from. She is super-talented equally adept in activities and studies. One fine day she is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, the treatment of which is not yet discovered.
3. After much of hard work and years of education, you’re placed in a Big Four. It’s the job you always wanted, where you criss-cross the world capitals sealing business deals in exotic resorts, one fine day your company is found to be involved in national security scam and orders have been passed to shut down the business.
4. You’ve booked hotels, reserved flights and land to your long desired destination, only to realise that further roads are blocked and henceforth flights are cancelled due to heavy snowfall. You end up spending three days at the airport with scarce food and water.
5. You are happy to answer all the questions about the features of your new Apple phone to your colleagues. One fine day, the phone slips from your hand and gets crushed into pieces by the passing goods truck.

Let’s accept the fact that what comes in goes out. Everything including our body is changing every nano-second whether we realise or not and we have little control over it.

So, should we stopped feeling good or bad? Is it possible? That’s not the point.
The pertinent point is: If one knows the truth, it doesn’t matter. Our mind has been conditioned over the centuries to believe that certain objects or situations make us feel good or ugly.
Is it a bad thing? You are not responsible for this, so you have no reason to blame yourself. What you can do is to evolve your thought process. Let’s accept the fact that what comes in goes out. Everything including our body is changing every nano-second whether we realise or not and we have little control over it. If this is not enough, visit a mortuary, grave or and ICU of a hospital. Once this belief gets deeper, you’ll be at peace and accept life as it comes. That’s the moment of realisation and you experience freedom.


Vivek is a life coach, blogger and an author in progress. He can be reached at thevivekspeaks@gmail.com.


  • Md. Afaque
    February 19, 2017 at 5:53 am

    So true. Even I believe in it. No moment is bad or good. It is to be lived fully. So live it to the fullest. Thanks!

    • admin
      February 19, 2017 at 7:41 am

      Fully agree

  • Amritansh Kishore
    April 9, 2017 at 2:44 am

    Very true and aptly described.its true that what is close to your heart makes you feel sad when it slips or goes away or out of your hand. So it’s truely said that you came into this world with nothing and will go from this earth carrying nothing so why to worry: live the moment and live it as if nothing is yours – you are just a puppet of The Almighty to act and go.

    • April 9, 2017 at 6:58 am

      Very aptly explained Amritansh Bhai.

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