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Obsession with Impression
January 21, 2017|LivestylePeople

Obsession with Impression

Obsession with Impression

Our life is spent either making for receiving impressions. No denying the fact that for material success we can’t do away with impression. It is definitely important, the concern I have is an obsession about it. Countless hours are spent in salons, dozens of visits are made to plastic surgeons, days are spent in photoshop studios and copywriters spend months perfecting a tag line. All for an impression, because this is what sells. This madness has gone to the extent that in the world today focus has shifted from substance to showmanship. From a political leader to a porn star, everyone is crazy for making that perfect impression.

Endless companies are slogging making useless products to meet our senseless needs, so that we create that prefect impression which will translate into a perfect assignment or historical business deal or unprecedented diplomatic success. You don’t need examples of the marketers repackaging the same item to make you believe that you are outdated.

The point is not to do away with impression, but to shift focus to substance. It should be used merely as a tool for promotion and the authenticity doesn’t lose attention.

The sheer brilliance of being real is that is it risk free. Secondly, while it takes time, though once created, it is done forever.

The sheer brilliance of being real is that it is risk free!

Many relationship troubles start to surface only after the impression withers. Many business deals collapse because the facts under the glossy cover is revealed. Many love stories end before reaching their peak because the real picture start to appear.

So, leave aside what others think of you and invest time in performing being authentic you. Get ready, you’ll not be admired by all which anyway you don’t need. The people who you’ll attract now are the ones who matter. Your life will have less clutter and little distraction which eventually will turn more meaningful.


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Vivek is a life coach, blogger and an author in progress. He can be reached at thevivekspeaks@gmail.com.

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  • Anonymous
    January 30, 2015 at 12:23 am

    All that glitters is not gold.

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